Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thought #5: Say Yes

I love the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey. He’s a sort of down-and-out, depressed, negative guy who, as the movie begins, is just sort of wallowing in his self-imposed yuck. He runs into an old friend who takes him to a YES seminar (on the same lines as the old EST seminars) and challenges him to say Yes to everything in his life. And then the fun begins…

I totally giggled through the movie. I’ve gotten it from Netflix four times and am considering buying it. For a week or two after watching it, I really do say YES to just about everything that is offered up to me. Wanna go for a walk with me? Wanna go to San Francisco for the weekend? Yes. Wanna go see that artshow? Yes. Wanna do the dishes? Hesitation, hesitation, Yes!  I have to sort of keep my enthusiasm to myself or my husband will play me and get a lot more laundry and dish washing out of me – ha ha!

But truly, I feel my life change every time I focus on saying Yes. It lasts about two weeks and then I sort of slide away from it until I catch myself in old patterns. Time to get that movie again!

PS. I love the scene that plays during the credits. I wanna do that – Yes!

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