Monday, June 21, 2010

The Creative Genius

Recently a friend sent me a link to hear Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love and Committed) on If you haven’t heard this and you find yourself struggling with self esteem and the creative process, spend 18 minutes and listen to what this insightful woman has to say. I’ve listened to it three or four times and think about her message often in the past few weeks.

What struck me most is understanding that our genius often lies outside ourselves and that it is a team effort to complete a work of art or a project. We must show up at our appointed time to do our work. But we can expect that if we show up (day after day), we will find help through our creative genius. For me this ties into the essence of how I feel when I’m creating an art piece. I feel as if I have assistance. Some unseen guidance that steps in and helps me with my craft. Often, after I finish a drawing, after I have stepped away from that altered space, I look at it and exclaim, “Oh my gosh, I did that? Is that possible?”

Not until I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert was I able to comprehend that I too have unseen helpers, a creative genius that steps in to meet me when I show up to do my art. It’s not just coming from me, it’s a team effort. Listen to Elizabeth on Ted.